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TEAMWORK stands at the forefront of omni-channel partnerships

Enable Sales AND Brand Growth

A global team of experts supports Teamwork’s partners, getting their product in front of consumers. Wherever they are shopping.

We enable brands to focus on what they do best

A dedicated team is required to manage the intricacies of selling cross channel. This can be both expensive and distract from your core mission. Teamwork enables businesses to allocate their time and resources to grow their operations in the most efficient manner.

Spend More Time On:

  • Brand building

  • Research & Development

  • Product Development

  • Marketing

Reason 1

Volume is your friend not

your enemy

Volume enables brands to speed up and improve their product development process. By increasing the size of their customer base they're able to deliver better products, reduce manufacturing costs, and spend more time on key product decisions.

Reason 2

Fight Knockoffs and Copy Cats 

It’s Vital for DTC and Consumer brands to maintain and grow an omni-channel presence. If not, they open them selves up to otherwise preventable competition from Knockoffs and copycats. The minute competitors see a product selling well they’ll be listing what they say is a similar product - Stealing sales from you.

Reason 3

You’re missing out on customers searching for your product

It’s easier to sell to a warm audience than a cold one. Maintaining visibility across sales channels means getting your product in customers already searching for a product like yours. This saves you both money and time.

Reason 4

"Selling through partners limits our Customer Data"

Not True

Teamwork builds out an omni-channel strategy aimed on looping customers acquired back into your marketing efforts and customer list. You’re not loosing out on customers, you’re actually gaining long term customers that you can continue to retarget.

Reason 5

E-Commerce. Retail. Hospitality.

Expand your sales horizon over night. Without hiring a single person.

Make your products available through 50+ partners throughout
e-commerce, traditional brick & mortar, and corporate. By leveraging our relationships with these vendors you’ll be selling more and more quickly.

Now that’s what we call a triple threat.

Reason 6

Syndicate Your Reviews

Social Proof is the catalyst to more sales. Display your hard earned product reviews across e-commerce platforms boosting your sales and earning you even more reviews.That’s Exponential Growth.

Reason 7

FOCUS on what you do best. We'll handle the rest. 

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